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andrea October 27, 2008 10:52

Hello, is there anybody who knows any links where I can find the CD-Adapco annual report (2007). I need to do some comparisons in terms of share prices with other vendors. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards


Jim October 27, 2008 11:16

Re: cd-adapco
Cd-adapco is privately owned not publicly listed.

andrea October 27, 2008 13:51

Re: cd-adapco
I see..thanks Jim! So you mean it is not owned by Dassault Systems somehow! sorry but i am doing a research and I need some comparisons in terms of purchases between CFX, Fluent and Star-CD! basically, I need some numbers to describe how well or bad they are doing!So far, I have found all I need for ansys but I can't compare with cd-adapco! can you illuminate me in some way, please? thanks in advance



Solid Work October 27, 2008 14:42

Re: cd-adapco
Dassault system are rather looking to buy ESI-group ( because it includes FSI and multiphysics and because the company structures are very close and the integration would be very fast:

cd-adapco are more likely to join with a company like because of the java technology.

good luck in your search

Jim October 28, 2008 09:25

Re: cd-adapco
If Dassault want a CFD system cd-adapco would be the more obvious choice having a much larger slice of the market than anyone other than ansys. I guess esi might be a choice although they have a fairly diverse product range covering a lot of different sectors. The other thing to consider of course is that unless dss has the capital already can you see them getting the kinds of cash, $100s of millions, needed to buy either of these companies in the current financial crisis. Ansys bought fluent with a lot of bank money (around $300 million as far as I recall) when the going was good, they may yet come to suffer the consequences of this given the current downturn.

Andrea, I would contact CD-adapco directly if this is a valid university/research type project. You might be able to get some information out of them.

user conference October 28, 2008 14:36

Re: cd-adapco
4 years ago at the opening of a user conference cd-adapco speaker gave the number of an "$80M going onto $100M" company. This year it was given a '$70M company' on the slide. So it seems actually fuzzy and as transparent as the Enron. esi-group seems more like a 40M euros company if you multiply the share price by # of shares:a bit less expensive and more accessible.

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