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guillaume October 27, 2008 19:39

thin extrusion meshing
Hi I'd like to know your opinion on what is currently the best tool for meshing thin extrusions: I am modelling a double glazed window and its frame in 3D. The extrusion profile of the frame is fairly complex; it's made up of 2 mm thick aluminium. I'd like to mesh this profile anisotropicaly so that I don't end up with 10 billion cells. It becomes tricky with the fact that there are quite a few different materials in a window, and there are about 100 different interfaces between the different glass/frame materials and the air. The set up of all these interfaces is quite painful. Is there a tool around that could simplify the meshing process of this kind of geometry by offering reasonably anisotropic meshing techniques and automatic interface recognition? Thanks

user conference October 28, 2008 14:38

Re: thin extrusion meshing

Paulh October 29, 2008 13:11

Re: thin extrusion meshing
Old school ProStar; vcex, vfil, vgen, vproj, etc.


ICEMCFD block mesh

Phil November 4, 2008 09:53

Re: thin extrusion meshing
In ccm+ you can use the extruder mesher, or you can generate an anisotropic trimmed mesh.

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