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alex November 18, 2008 18:21

ANSA mesh in star 4
I have a trouble with import of a mesh created with ANSA in STAR-CD v4. I get form ANSA no information about the boundaries becauese ANSA does not create *.bnd file. List->boundaries shows "0 boundaries". Without boundaries I cannot prescribe th b.c.

Who can give me a hint how I can create boundaries in STAR in a file imported from ANSA in the simplest way? I tryed it in GUI without success.

alex November 19, 2008 07:56

Re: ANSA mesh in star 4
What I mean here, of course it is possible to define boundaries by clicking on faces or using "create by picking a zone" in prostar. It is very time consuming.

My question is how I can use geometrical information provided in the files imported from ANSA. I tryed to convert shells in prostar using


but it does not work. No shells are converted into boundaries.

Any idea here?

James November 19, 2008 08:39

Re: ANSA mesh in star 4
I think you are looking for BFIND

Vset news edge

Cdis on vert (to show the edge vertices)


Bfin 1 vx (for boundary 1)

This usually produces the boundaries you want pretty fast.

Remembering that STAR covers uncovered faces in Region 0, you do not have to define all the walls typically.

Note BFIND typically works better on quad surfaces, if you have tri surfaces some of the corners are missed as all three edge vertices are in the Vset.

BCROSS usually sorts these out pretty fast. Also programming the function keys can speed things up when you have simple command sequences.

steven December 3, 2008 07:57

Re: ANSA mesh in star 4
i believe that you should try another mesh engine....... i believe that a mesh engine of a thirty party company always have problems .....


alex December 3, 2008 13:03

Re: ANSA mesh in star 4 *NM*

alex December 3, 2008 13:10

Re: ANSA mesh in star 4
Many thanks on your comments. Principally I would mesh in STAR-CCM+ and solve back in in STAR v4 because the stakeholder of the project is wishing that we use STAR and has no preferences about meshing. I will try it if I have more time.

Balduin Bankerotti December 3, 2008 18:30

Re: ANSA mesh in star 4
It should be really no problem to use ANSA for meshing as long as you know some prostar commands to define the boundaries.

If you have a shell with cell type 10 on a region you have to use the following commands to define the boundaries with region numer 1 (10-9):

cset news type 10
vset news cset
cset add vset all
cset subs flui
cshell 10 cset
cset news type 10
bshell -9 cset

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