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Paul November 26, 2008 16:23

STAR-CD vs ConvergeCFD for ICE

How does STAR-CD compare with for ICE simulations?

ConvergeCFD seems really easy to set-up and can be included in a totally automatic process. It also has dropets and combustion. One key would be the coupling to 1D codes.

How do both compare?

Can it be said yet that convergeCFD is the STAR-CCM+ equivalent for ICE simulations?

Anyone has tried both?



Jim November 26, 2008 16:30

Re: STAR-CD vs ConvergeCFD for ICE
Star-CD is pretty much the industry standard in ICE simulation, I have never heard of converge. I think the fact that they say "industry leading cfd code for complex geometries" is a bit of false advertising, is there turnover in any way comparrible with cd-adapco or ansys? What proof is there behind this statement?

I guess you could gamble on converge but I would ask converge how many engine manufacturers use their code and then ask CD I reckon the former is probably an order of magnitude lower than the latter and that should be all you need to know.

zarmak November 29, 2008 16:46

Re: STAR-CD vs ConvergeCFD for ICE
it is a good idea to have user's insight as well as vendor's

Jim December 1, 2008 11:46

Re: STAR-CD vs ConvergeCFD for ICE
I am a user, although a user of es-ice admittedly...but I am not a vendor certainly.

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