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Erik November 27, 2008 11:07

Fortran compiler
I have a question about compiling Fortran user subroutines. At the moment, there's an Intel fc80 compiler installed on the cluster. When I want to run a StarCD simulation with user subroutines, prostar returns that it can't find the required Fortran compiler (/opt/absoft/bin/f90). Is it possible to compile the subroutines with the Intel compiler first and give some kind of input from these subroutines to the StarCD problem? Or is it possible to change the location where prostar will look for the Fortran compiler and use the location of the Intel compiler instead?

Thanks in advance!

Tom November 28, 2008 03:12

Re: Fortran compiler
I think that you have to have absoft fortran. But in answer to your question, check software.ini and hardware.ini. Those are two of the places that the compiler and the path to it is set.


TG November 28, 2008 21:05

Re: Fortran compiler
For the current version of STAR on x86 architecture you can use either the absoft compiler or the Portland Group compiler but you have to install the version of STAR that is compiled with the same compiler. STAR does not currently have a link to Intel's compiler, although it is being looked at.

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