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MS December 14, 2008 22:18

I solve the star406.exe or some dll problem(winXP)

1. Some one got same problem above, might try to remove all the system "Path" list in the s---ing "system variable" in [environmental variable].

!!!!!Caution!!!!!! Before try the solution, make sure you have the f---ing list (already having existed in the system variable) backed up to the notepad or some clip board.

2. Just add really necessary path to execute starCD solver(Most might be under the starCD installed directory tree I think). For this you can check the necessary dll file on the dll missing error message might will pops up after deleting the path in system variable. And their path by using "search" tool in the Windows.

================================================== ==== I guess that the problem caused because of some same name dll files which starCD also provides.

I have terrible english skill so understand as you understand.

dalit January 4, 2009 22:48

Re: I solve the star406.exe or some dll problem(wi
I got it. Very good solution.

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