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Pierre January 7, 2009 09:37

How to design an impinging turbulent jet

I have a big problem on Star CD. I never used this software before and I have to solve a problem with this.

My problem is to simulate a turbulent jet impinging onto a flat plate correspondent to Baughn & Shimizu (1989), Baughn et al. (1991), Yan et al. (1992), Craft et al. (1993), Yan (1993) and Lytle & Webb (1994) experiences. As I never used Star CD, I do not even know how to create a geometry.

Is there somebody to guide me for creating the geometry and create the boundary conditions ?

Thank you in advance.


person January 9, 2009 12:48

Re: How to design an impinging turbulent jet
I suggest you run a few tutorial to get the feel of the software. This is one of those softwares which is difficult to learn, but, you can do a lot with this. Also the post processing capabilities of Star-CD is exceptional (by writing Macros).

Also, I would say, you generate the geometry (CAD) in a software of your choice or even mesh it with whatever software you feel comfortable with and bring the CAD/mesh in Star-CD and work your way through.

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