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star January 9, 2009 04:10

which version
Hello Star users!

Which version are people mostly using? Are you all using the latest version of Star-CD v4 or Star-CCM+ or do you still prefer using the older Star-CD v3.26? Do you face problems like unstable operations when using the v4 or when using the Star-CCM+ ? I just switched to v4 and Star-CCM+ and i found those two softwares are not very stable (often crashed!). If you had experience this type of problem and managed to overcome it on windows and linux platforms, hope you can share some tips in here so that I can try all the trouble-shootings. Thank you!

Reggie M January 9, 2009 17:40

Re: which version
we have not validated the process that worked well in 3.26 in v4.06/4.08 yet.

We have validated some of them with STAR-CCM+ where the physics are there. It decreases the time to obtain a set of acceptable solutions by 1/3 to 2/3 because the meshing time is much faster and easier.

good luck

star January 11, 2009 23:50

Re: which version
i got the same feeling here too. during the re-validation period, how do you keep productivity at your place? i'm dying over here!

ping January 14, 2009 05:19

Re: which version
my experience is that both new codes are big improvements over v326, even though this is a wonderful solver. One key issue is the removal of couples due to face based solving - so auto hex meshing is now much more robust, and being able to use polyhedrals rather than tets - they work really well. However the new solvers are more sensitive to poorer quality cells, but the cell remediation feature fixes this in most instances - otherwise do a quick remesh - easy in the mesh pipeline in starccm+. Be careful simply importing mesh from the old pro-am into the new solver - my experience is that it is worth remeshing in many instances - since u have many more tools now in ccm+ (don't mesh in pro-star/pro-am anymore - simply bring a ccm file across from ccm+)

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