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Thiago January 14, 2009 15:45

Star-CCM+ running in openSUSE

Im currently running Star-CCM+ under windows XP :(. I want to migrate to some free linux OS.

Does anybody have some good or bad experience to share, about running CCM+ in serial or parallel, under openSUSE OS?

Ive read in ccm+ v3.06s release notes that the software does not run in parallel under openSUSE 11. So Im worried about not be able to use my HPCs licenses...

Thank you in advance Thiago

Balduin Bankerotti January 15, 2009 03:31

Re: Star-CCM+ running in openSUSE
It runs fine on Open Suse 10.2

Anto January 19, 2009 06:12

Re: Star-CCM+ running in openSUSE
I work with Open Suse 10.1. I've never had any problem.

Zolet January 20, 2009 07:06

Re: Star-CCM+ running in openSUSE
Thank you, I will download the 10.3 version and say goodbye to Mr. Gates...

Thiago January 20, 2009 07:33

Re: Star-CCM+ running in openSUSE
ok, I was excited about to change the OS but I just talked to my boss and I need to justify the changing...

I have never used linux before, so could you please say me what would I expect changing from windows to openSUSE?

I would say stability, but how much?? What about the performance, how much it will (or not) be improved ? Anything else that can be improved?

Anto January 20, 2009 09:10

Re: Star-CCM+ running in openSUSE
CFD products are made to optimize their performances with a linux/unix OS. Open Suse is much more stable than any Windows system. If you will start use Opensuse, you have only to learn some basic commands of linux, because even if you have a graphic interface, linux works better using the command shell. To justify the changing to your boss, collect information on the internet; perhaps you can find something on NAFEMS site...

James January 20, 2009 10:23

Re: Star-CCM+ running in openSUSE
In general it does run better and more stabily. Unix tasks much better than Windows so if you are running CFD you can actually do other tasks at the same time. Unix is also much more stable long term - it can stay up for days/week/months without crashing or needing rebooting which is obviously helpful for CFD.

I doubt it will be hugely faster on the same machine but you may be able to more easily use a dual/quad core dual processor machine and thus improve your throughput that way. This will almost certainly increase your license cost. These machines can typically also handle more RAM and thus you could run bigger models.

I would get someone else to set it up, modern unix is much easier than previously but you can still require to place obscure commands in obscure files on occasion. Working out which commands/files are required for a particular OS can be a challenge.

I would suggest a minimumal setup if you are on a corporate network. The IT guys will try and add bells and whistles which they will then say are too complicated and can't be done.

A simple 'stand alone system' with perhaps an extra disk for backup would be fine. You can use something like filezilla to transfer files to and from a PC. Anything else for a single person working without a cluster simply complicates matters.

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