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Kalle January 19, 2009 12:16

BC for Gray S2S Radiation in ccm+

I am modelling Gray Radiation in ccm+. In the domain is a hot wall 1000K which is surrounded by other walls. The question is, do I have to set a temperature boundary condition on the surrounding walls, or is it sufficient enough to set Emissivity and Transmissivity and getting the Temperature as a result? Is the problem then fully constraint? From looking at the ccm+ online help for the radiant flux calculation it is not fully clear to me weather the surface temperature has to be given or not. If i set the other walls adiabatic they still pick up temperature.


Evan January 29, 2009 16:04

Re: BC for Gray S2S Radiation in ccm+
In order for radiation problems to be fully defined you must have a boundary condition of a heat flux (may be adiabatic) or temperature. The one you input is your BC and you can solve for the other one.

Hope this helps.

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