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ettax January 19, 2009 16:16

DFBI, turbulence model and ship motion

I've tried to run a simulation for ship motion (sink and trim). With the DFBI module, implicit unsteady, LAMINAR, I've got the ship motion attitude, but if I want to calculate Hydrodynamic forces I need a turbulence model. When I switch from LAMINAR to TURBULENCE (k-w SST or k-e), mesh with the correct boundary layer (y+=50),the simulation diverges and the free-surface at VOF=0,5 of water or air is very bad and unphysical.

Has anybody any idea to solve this question?? Why with lamiar model the simulation is ok and with turbulent one not??

I'm very interested in solving ship motion and hydrodynamics forces at the same time.

Thanks a lot. e.

hashem_1064 June 4, 2010 12:31

hi etteax
I v the same problem, may I have your ID to be in contact with you?
here is mine:

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