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Waseem Siddique January 27, 2009 08:01

System Requirement???
Hello to generate aboout 2- million cells and solving them with STAR CCM+, what system requiremnts are needed?? I have a PC with RAM 3GB, but it seems that its not enough... PLEASE HELP Regards Waseem

Vinicius January 27, 2009 08:44

Re: System Requirement???
Are they hexahedral or polyhedral !? If they are Hexahedral youŽll need RAM 250MB for 1 million cells, if they are Polyhedral youŽll need 1GB for 1 million cells. These numbers are not linear, but it works fine. Pay attention in use wrapping before remeshing, it uses a lot of memory. You should reboot always after use wrapper. Are you runnig STAR CCM+ in windows ? If yes, try to set it for best performance, close all processes that you donŽt need and try do the mesh. Also pay attention to the quality of your surface mesh. If it was poor, the solver will use a lot of memory and time do optimize the quality of the cells.


Waseem Siddique January 27, 2009 09:04

Re: System Requirement???
Hello Thanks for your reply. I am using a system wth Windows XP. RAM is 3GB. I will apply your recommendations. I am using STAR DESIGN for meshing. Is it OK or should I do meshing in STAR CCM+. What I do is that I set for example 1% relative size of mesh. Is there any way of meshing by giving number cells to be generated?? Hope to get a reply again :) Regards Waseem

Vinicius January 27, 2009 09:46

Re: System Requirement???
I recommend STAR CCM+ for meshing. ItŽs easier to use and things are little more automated. Did you make the tutorials that came with STAR CCM+ ? There youŽll have a explanation about how meshing (size, prism layers, etc) , how set diferent sizes in some regions of your geometry, how to refine bricks, cones etc. Perhaps it will be useful in your case, because you can reduce the number of your mesh cells. ThereŽs no way to set a number of cells, just their sizes!



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