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optima prime January 28, 2009 23:45

v4 restart bug
Sometimes i restart a run by using the flag restart or issuing command star -restart. Soon i aborted and decided to run the thing from 0 itration. So i set everything to start run without restart flag but somehow it sill will restart although it shouldn't.

Andrea January 30, 2009 04:28

Re: v4 restart bug
check the .prob file: if the first number is 2 the run will do a restart, it doesn't do that if the number is 1

optima prime February 2, 2009 22:48

Re: v4 restart bug
Actually, the .prob was not changed. I simply did a restart run and after that i decided to run without restart (without writing the prob file). Thanks though.

Now i got another problem, i can only run parallel using 2 cpu's on v4. When i run on 4 cpus, i got error "cannot read real 8 data"

optima prime February 2, 2009 23:51

Re: v4 restart bug
Forget about the 2nd problem, it was due to disk space full. :\

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