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Karl Jensen February 4, 2009 16:54

Star-ccm+ batch mode on SGE
Hello, I am trying to get star-ccm+ to run on our local cluster machine that uses a Sun Grid Engine(SGE) for job submital. I have a very basic .java file that I know works (tested it in normal operating mode). But when we try to submit it to the cluster, we are getting errors that we are unsure of. I have done some things with star-ccm+, but pretty much just getting started, and the cluster guy knows nothing about star-ccm+. So I am hoping that you can help. Here is the code that we submit to the server:

#!/bin/csh # # # This is a simple example of a SGE batch script

#$ -cwd #$ -N starccm+-job #$ -o starccm+.log #$ -j y #$ -q me #$ -pe mpich 1 date /nfs/queue/a1/mpich/bin/mpirun -machinefile $TMPDIR/machines -np $NSLOTS /usr/local/apps/bin/starccm+64 -batchsystem sge -batch date

We get some sort of usage error out of it, and it doesnt run. Here is the part that we are unsure about though:

# use a regular expression to modify hostnames

Error: /usr/local/apps64/starccm+64/starccm+2.10.017/star/bin/starccm+: Unknown option: -p4pg

So any ideas? Does anyone have a SGE code that they would be willing to share so that I can get this going. Right now we are just trying to get it to run in serial on one node, so parallel isnt important right now, but will be the next step.

So let me know if you can help.

Thanks, Karl

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