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jimmer February 11, 2009 12:32

Load pst files on v4
Hello. I need to load results from v3.26 to v4. The first version's file extensions are pst and pstt for steady state and transients calculations. How can I load these files on STAR_CD v4.

donald February 11, 2009 15:13

Re: Load pst files on v4
There is no situation where you would have to do this. If you have results in v3.26: post-process in v3.26

You would only upgrade to star v4 if there are new physics and models needed that were not v3.26, in this case you would run in v4.

Balduin Bankerotti February 11, 2009 17:40

Re: Load pst files on v4

You can use v4 perfectly well for postprocessing old results, maybe with some small limitations when there are couples.

Just use "load file.pst" to load a steady post file or "trload, file.pstt" or loading a transient post file.

The only problem is, that you can not load several pstt-files at once in v4. There is a small prostar bug.

I just used v408 prostar for postprocessing an v326 es-ice run and it works, even with events and moving mesh and spray and ...

jimmer March 11, 2009 04:32

Re: Load pst files on v4
Thank you B.B. That was really helpful.

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