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vamos1 March 4, 2009 08:27

Star-Meshes to Fluent

does anybody knows about a workaround how to get StarV4-Meshes (arbitrary elements) to Fluent by keeping Table entry organization (e.g. different cell types in Star should end up in differenz volume zones in Fluent) ?


(I'll post this in the Fluent forum as well)

reklu March 4, 2009 14:35

Re: Star-Meshes to Fluent
you can do the opposite (fluent to STAR) but not in this direction. This is because fluent cannot handle advanced STAR-CD meshes (trimmed, couples) but STAR-CD can handle fluent cells (regular tets, hex,...)

catdog April 8, 2009 21:42

Yes you can;export from star-ccm as ensight file after meshing and it will case an .case and .geo files which can then be imported into fluent using import function and it works quite well actually. Problem i find is in 25% of cases, Fluent find faults in the star-ccm polyhedral meshes with prism layers such as left-handed cells and negative volumes...

vishyaroon April 17, 2009 15:42

I have tried something similar a long time back. Try exporting the file in ICEM format. ICEM can then read in this file and you can export it to Fluent easily.

The other way around works well too

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