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Erik March 12, 2009 09:22

Mixture fraction with PPDF combustion
Hello, I'm simulating n-heptane combustion in a CI engine using the PPDF model. I've created the flamelet table succesfully using the reaction mechanism for 6 different strain rates. When doing this, Star creates scalars for all the species that are present in the reaction mechanism. I'm injecting n-heptane with Lagrangian multiphase and the liquid heptane is vaporizing to heptane vapour.

But when I start the simulation and heptane vapour is created in the domain, the mixture fraction remains zero so no combustion will occur. Can anybody tell me how to explain Star that the heptane vapour will increase the mixture fraction in a certain cell (as mixture fraction is 1 for the fuel and 0 for the oxidizer). Thanks!


dineshflame September 5, 2011 21:47

flame propagation

i am currently doing my thesis on flame propagation by using methane and oxygen could you please help me out by passing me the tutorial...

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