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extra tokens
Hello to everyone, I'm learning how to use Star-CD 4.06 and I have encounered a strange error: following the tutorial about a mixing pipe i start prostar -amm and select advanced> classic interface. A popup windows appears with "loading GUI, please wait" but in the output window I can read an error about extra tokens at line ecc... in ampanel.tcl contained in prostar directory. All other function are perfect without problems. Any suggestion?

EDIT: sorry I forget some essential info: i'm using windows XP and this is the error
syntax error in expression "4060/1000.": extra tokens at end of expression
on line 5016 in C:\PROGRA~1\CD-ADA~1\STAR-CD\4.06\PROSTAR\406~1.005\data\tcl\ampanels.tcl

ricky@starcd March 21, 2012 18:03

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing the same problem that had (still having?). Furthermore, when I try to open, which seems to be the responsible file of the error, I get a nice display full of exotic symbols, like:

rdzwTJX'8D kOY(�bU6=9?m 0q,�䴯>ܳOS;P}ƙ̮Jx(*z J~iv"uFX*g�+J� �[BqX8$,ek8P

lots of code lines like this. Seems to be a bug, or an installation error. I don't know, but I cannot use auto-mesh tools at all...

Can someone please help me (us)?



DanHamilton March 26, 2012 12:24

Unless you have a good reason for using STAR-CD (are you planning on simulating internal combustion engines?) I'd recommend ditching and switching to STAR-CCM+.


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