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eno March 17, 2009 10:39

Wind tunner test for offshore platform
Is it realistic to use CFD to replace the wind tunnel test to estimate wind load coefficients of an offshore platform(above water line part)?

albcem June 9, 2009 16:57

This may arrive a little late as a response but I have been working on a CFD solver to simulate scenarios that incorporate models for
  • atmospheric turbulent wind profile
  • ocean waves
  • aero/hydro-dynamic loads on floating vessels
  • loads due to flexible mooring lines
  • six-degree of freedom motion solution on floating platforms/vessels
Within limits of my own imagination, this type of simulation model is as realistic as it could get in representing the real-world scenario. Replicating a full or model scale experiment incorporating the above conditions together or partially is highly unlikely.

So my answer to your question is rather, can experiments replace simulation models?

(PS: You can have a look at my company, CAEbridge, LLC, website to get an idea of the state of the art simulation capabilities for modeling floating vessels, including offshore platforms.)

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