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cfd_rookie April 4, 2009 14:21

Error when importing Gambit .neu
First i want to say hello to this community here.

I tryed to import a self created gambit neutral file in Prostar without success. In Gambit (2.3.16) i selected the generic solver an then i exported the neutral mesh file. This file i tryed to import in prostar by the command gambit *.neu . The import fails with the error 250.

I tryed to import another neutral file i found in a tutorial on this page and this one worked! The file was generated with the gambit version 1.1.0.

When i open the two files in the editor they nearly look identical. Is this a known bug or did i a mistake?


cfd_rookie April 6, 2009 08:52

Found the reason:
Gambit adds the end of line characters LF (line feed) and CR (carriage return). You have to remove the CR in a text editor.
I used Scite for this job:

Options->Line End Characters-> LF
Options->Convert Line End Characters

Thats it!

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