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piko April 16, 2009 23:30

Conjugate heat transfer problem with porous media
Hello,, all

I try to solve conjugate heat transfer analysis with porous media using STAR-CD v4.06. I have many questions in this problem
Please tell me how to solve these questions.

There are 7 cell types (1,2cell type : just fluid 3,4cell type : porous media fluid 5,6,7cell type : solid)
I should couple these cell types to solve conjugate heat transfer.
1. cset all
2. grids>assemble grids>creat couples>editor>option(fixed)>master #and slave cell type #>apply
3. each couple is proceeded as mentioned 2
4. finally, tool>couple tool>transform couple
then, there are a lot of cracks in the geometry

How can I remove these cracks?

This geometry has porous media cells. I should conjugate heat transfer problem between porous cells and fluis, solid cells.
In the prostar-gui panel, porosity>thermal properties, How can I get effective conductivity(W/mk) and thermal conductance(W/m3k)?

vishyaroon April 17, 2009 16:41

I'll try to answer your second question.

The effective conductivity is supposed to be the conductivity in the porous media, which accounts for the conductivity of the solid part and the fluid part. This can be determines by

keff = a*k_solid + (1-a) * k_fluid

where a is the porosity

The thermal conductance is related to the heat transfer between the solid and fluid in the porous media.

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