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Marcelo April 30, 2009 16:56

trimmer mesh vs Polyhedral mesh
Dear All,

I need to mesh a complicate shape, with the trimmer mesher is easier but I dont know if this method have some disadvantage in front Polyhedral StarCCM+ mesh...

vishyaroon May 1, 2009 11:31

Both trimmer and polyhedral should work well. I had carried out a comparitive study for heat exchangers and showed no difference.

You mention that your's is a complex case. Can you tell me what case it is? If the geometry is complicated both these schemes can handle it. If you have additional physics like CHT or something, one may be better than the other. for eg. polyhedral is supposed to be better in CHT as you can use the same mesh continua for both solid and fluid.

chris1232 February 4, 2015 10:00

Aircraft's winglets analysis

Im confusing which mesh should be bettwer for aircraft's winglets analysis. I will be changing the length and the cant angle of a winglet and see how its affects the CL, CD etc.

Should I go for Trimmer mesh as it is probably faster and good or should I go for Polyhedral mesh?

It will be part of a wing tested which will be 6m long. Tested uder 20m/s 60m/s and 100m/s at constant AOA

Any idea of what settings should I apply for the mesh?


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