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ersahino March 30, 2010 08:11

Meshing of a 2-D Sail Model
I met CFD for my final thesis in bachelor degree. I am going to go analysis of 3-D Sail Models. I'm started first 2-D sail models. However, I couldn't
mesh it yet. I'm trying to mesh it as 3-D in Rhino and import to Star CCM as .stl file. After doing the volume mesh I use the command "convert to 2-D".
I don't have still a good mesh.
If I give a thickness to sail there are some problems in the mast BL.
If I don't give any thickness to sail I get the errors: "non-manifold surface" or "not closed surface"

Could anyone please give me the hints to model the sail and mast?

Kind Regards to everyone

panda April 6, 2010 20:55

You may have to generate a 2D mesh using other mesh generators. Star-ccm+ can only convert a specially designed 3D mesh into a 2D mesh.

Vinicius April 9, 2010 16:45

Take a look at the message at STAR-CCM+ forum, with the same subject.


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