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karthickeyan August 18, 2010 04:15

i need help in star ccm+
hi friends

i need to see individual element number in star ccm +.If there is an option for view individual element number . plz help me.

karthickeyan August 24, 2010 03:36

[nobody know abt this????????

svenne August 24, 2010 04:55

There is a "Cell Index" field function available for volume cell and a "Face Index" field function for boundaries.

Having the cells you are interested in visible in an scalar displayer set to "Cell Index" you can get detailed information about a single cell by movin the cursor at it and press the "." - key at the same time. This gives you the xyz location as well as the cell index.

karthickeyan August 26, 2010 01:20

thanks for the help svenne

can i see the individual cell number in scalar scene....... or can i plot the particular cell in scalar scene

svenne August 27, 2010 09:50

You can create a threshold or a cell set and set the upper and lower bounds accordingly to isolate and plot one specific cell.

karthickeyan August 27, 2010 23:28

ya it is working

thanks for ur help man

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