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sven82 February 17, 2011 06:26

How handle a anisotropic heat conductivity?

for a cht-Simulation I try to realize a anisotropic
conductivity. Normally we got a scalar for this constant.
But for anisotropic Materials need a vector or symmTensorfield.
I'm really new in ccm+ but not sure where I start with this issues,
userCode, field functions?

I'm really thankful for any clues?


olesen February 18, 2011 05:15


Originally Posted by sven82 (Post 295681)

for a cht-Simulation I try to realize a anisotropic
heat capacity.
I'm really thankful for any clues?

Do you perhaps mean anisotropic conductivity??

sven82 February 18, 2011 05:31

OH sorry,
of course anisotropic conductivity!

willimanili February 26, 2011 05:27

You can do it by field function or choose the anisotrop conductivity for your physic continuum.

If you want to do it by an field function, define your field function, click on your physic continuum node --> Air/Solid/Fluid --> Material Properties --> Thermal conductivity. There you can change the settings from constant to field function. Choose your field function...ready.

The other way just works for solids, so your physic continuum must be an solid. Go to the material properties of your solid continuum like described above, there you can change your thermal conductivity settings to anisotrop.
Now you can define your tensor for every region that uses this solid physic continuum. To do this, go to the region node you want to define, there you find the physics value node --> anistropic thermal conductivity. Efine your tensor...ready.

Have fun,

edit: i forgot to say that this ways can be used by ccm+

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