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B5 BDJ March 8, 2011 16:41

Heat Exchanger Modelling
Hi, I have some experience with Star CCM+ however not with themal modelling.

Im trying to model a dual channel, crossflow HX with three seperate regions (hot gas channels, cold gas channels and the aluminium frame inbetween). I have created interfaces between the hot channels and the aluminium frame and same with the cold channels. Am i right in thinking that heat transfer will occur from the hot gas, to the metal and into the cold gas with this applied?

With these settings, I have run a simulation with a heat transfer report added to one of these interfaces and there is a spike within the first 50 interation then there is a constant 'zero'

I have also created reports monitoring the outlet temps of both of the gases. The hot gas enters at 923K and exits at 400K and the cold gas enters at 200K and exits at 180K.

Im obviously doing something wrong but i just dont know what? What physics models do you recommend? Might this change results?

ANy help would be more that appreciated.

Many thanks


willimanili March 9, 2011 08:42

Some more information about your settings would be helpful.

What kind of inlets and outlets and surrounding boundary conditions do you use? Do you simulate steady or unstaedy models? What models do you choose for the continua?

Do you checked the interface? Does it really contains all the master and slave surface area you want to?

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