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Reynolds March 13, 2011 15:46

Plotting Parameter vs Angular Position in STAR-CCM+

This is a fairly trivial question. I am modelling flow around tyres and want to plot the Cp (on y axis) vs angular position (in degrees) on the x axis. I can only seem to be able to plot axial position however.

Does anyone know a way to do this, or even if this feature exists in STAR?

Best Regards,

I should add that the data in question is read from a plane section that cuts through the mid point of the tyre

Pauli March 14, 2011 18:47

Yes it can be done. Query the "y" position in a cylindrical coordinate system.

Reynolds March 22, 2011 10:42

Thanks Pauli.

For those with similar problem, set up a cylindrical co-ord, then go to the plot in question. Under 'X TYPE' select scalar, then under scalar select position/position in cylindrical 1/theta.

I am using star-ccm+ 5.06.010


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