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Fn80 March 28, 2011 12:23

Ship resistance

I am new to the forum.
I am currently using star ccm+. I have been looking for answers in the forum and so far, it has worked very well.
Now I am facing a problem and do not know the cause.
I am analyzing ship resistance, fixed or with trim and sink.

I am using for the mesh, the extruder, but after some iterations I get strange things in the outlet at the free surface, I do not know if it can be called wave reflection or what.

I am running a small model, with proper iteration steps (I think) and time looks ok, from courant.

I thought the extruder would help in the pressure outlet of the box or refining. but after iterations nonsense colours start.

could anybody help with this?

thank you all again

Fn80 March 30, 2011 10:56

maybe I did not post in the proper subforum or could be that this has been adressed before but I found no topic with this specific problem.
anyone could help?
thank you

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