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layth October 5, 2011 09:50

set up the boundary condition by using star ccm+
hello every one

could any one help me to specify the boundary condition for inlet and outlet flow inside turbocharger compressor by using star ccm+ software

I will very happy and grateful if you reply me

warm regards

Emara October 8, 2011 05:49

Can you give some more details?

Have you split the boundaries or not? if you have, the next step is to define the inlet boundary as (Velocity inlet or Stagnation inlet) whatever your design is and the same for the exit boundary whether Pressure outlet or Flow-Split.

layth October 8, 2011 07:28

helle sir,

thank you for reply me

I have impeller blade passage for centrifugal compressor i already used the staganation boundary condition for inlet and already used pressure outlet for outlet . what i want to know what is the values for pressure at inlet and outlet.

best regards

manojaero12 February 12, 2013 09:34

i need the inlet condition for turbocharger can anyone help me please

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