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gcorneau March 22, 2012 11:02

C-Grid mesh for Eppler 423
I have the capabilities of using Star CCM+ and have done the airfoil tutorial. For a design I'm working on I'd like to perform a similar analysis on an Eppler 423 airfoil. I know that a structured c grid mesh is the best for having an accurate solution for an airfoil. I have read on hear and have experienced trouble generating a descent mesh in Star. Would it be possible for someone to supply me with a structured c grid mesh of an Eppler 423 airfoil? Would be greatly appreciated.



DanHamilton March 26, 2012 12:21


I'd be tempted to use the new advancing layer mesher in v. 7.02. This allows the growth of very thick boundary layers from immersed bodies - allowing you to control the cell sizes close to your airfoil much like a structured C-Grid might - but with the convenience of having an unstructured mesh.


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