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Far July 19, 2013 14:09

What is link back?
Today I got this email and said you linkback to the thread you have posted

Here is the original message:


Dear Far,

A new LinkBack has been recorded for a thread you have participated entitled - Fluent quality criteria in AM and Gambit - in the ANSYS Meshing & Geometry forum of CFD Online Discussion Forums.

This LinkBack is located at:

The originating site is located at:

Here is the associated message:
MeshQuality.docx 63 KB 0

All the best,

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pete July 19, 2013 17:05

We have linkbacks (see active on the forums. However, the linkbacks have to be manually approved to be visible and we rarely have time to approve them. For some reason this linkback had been approved. I haven't checked by whom, but I guess it must be one of the moderators. This was also a bad spam linkback so I deleted it. I was not aware of that users got this kind of emails. Have you or anyone else got any more similar emails or private messages about linkbacks?

Far July 19, 2013 17:54


I was not aware of that users got this kind of emails.
This is the first time with me and it also directed me to the file sharing site with cracked softwares on it. And I also didn't notice anything new (new post etc) in thread I posted back in 2012.

pete July 20, 2013 05:21

I'm glad to hear that this was the first time you got this kind of email. If the forum system is sending out these emails automatically then we should turn off linkbacks completely. As you noticed the vast majority of these are spam linkbacks and that is why we have set linkbacks to require manual approval from a moderator.

I edited your post above to remove the spam link.

If you, or anyone else, get any more such emails please let me know asap.

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