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mihaipruna January 8, 2014 08:31

Should there be a forum dedicated o Elmer?
It seems to me Elmer is the easiest to use freeware Finite Element Analysis package out there. I would think it would have a decent user base.
For example, it's relatively straightforward to go from CAD to Results with only free, GUI driven tools,in Windows, including Elmer. Below see the article I wrote about it:
Mihai Pruna's Interoperability Page

wyldckat January 10, 2014 17:01

Greetings Mihai,

On the topic of creating a new forum, here's a list of quotes and links to threads on this particular topic ;)

A long time ago Peter wrote this:

Originally Posted by pete (Post 288493)
We only open dedicated code forums for codes that have enough users to support a dedicated forum. Discussions about codes that lack dedicated forums are welcome on the main forum.

Not so long about, a few new forums were indeed created and a thread dedicated to the discussion of their creation is this one:

And from yet another more recent thread:

Originally Posted by pete (Post 399147)
I'm a bit hesitant to open forums for codes that already have an active forum or mailing-list elsewhere. We are here to serve the CFD community, not to compete with developers who prefer to run their own forums.

Therefore, I guess that the big question is: does Elmer already have it's own forum/mailing list? And if it does, would it still make sense to create another one here at CFD-Online?

Personally, I find it more convenient to use the CFD-Online forums, because I still haven't mastered the nuances of using mailing lists (very annoying to accidentally answer with the subject of a "Digest" of the mailing list, instead of the correct email subject :( been there, done that).
Then there is the occasional fact that application's own forum might not be very oriented towards CFD, which leaves a person feeling a bit like an ocean fish in a river... doomed without the salt :)

On the other hand, there is the Exa forum: - which is... uhm... completely empty at this point in time :(

Best regards,

mihaipruna February 5, 2014 09:50

yes, i agree that a forum is much easier to use than a mailing list and would gain more traction.

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