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lakeat February 8, 2014 21:19

What does "Moderated Blog Entry" mean?
What does "Moderated Blog Entry" mean?

PS: Please give details, like approval time, judging rules and when would a user to be able to become a golden user so that blog entry check doesn't need anymore. etc. Thanks

pete February 9, 2014 04:39

"Moderated Blog Entry" means an entry that still has not been moderated and is not publicly available yet. We have been forced to make the blog moderated due to excessive spam.

Blog posts are approved as soon as we can. Normal spam is of course not approved and we do not approve only questions in a blog. Users should use the forums to post questions, not the blog. I will see if there is a possibility to create users that by-pass the blog-moderation step. Your blog posts of course do not need to be moderated.

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