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Roh August 12, 2019 07:25

Why isn't there any forum for COMSOL?
I'm wonder why isn't there any forum for COMSOL?

habibjalili1995 December 22, 2019 06:23


I do not know, I use comsol a lot for simulating and modeling. Let's create a forum for this.

Do you know how? :)

jola December 22, 2019 13:38

Dedicated Comsol forum on CFD Online
We try to only open dedicated forums for codes for which there are enough users to sustain a separate forum. You need at least a few thousand returning visitors to keep a forum active.

I have noticed that there are more Comsol-topics discussed on the main forum now and the number of Comsol users visiting CFD Online has increased. We could perhaps try to open a dedicated Comsol forum. I will look more into this after the holidays.

I added a poll to this thread to give other visitors a quick way to give us their opinion on a dedicated Comsol formum here on CFD Online.

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