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sid_mahesh April 19, 2020 13:31

HAWT 3D Simulation fluent
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Hi guys,

I'am new to this kind of simulation. I have done a simulation of laminar flow past a scaled model of HAWT in ANSYS Fluent having a reynold's number of 180 using sliding mesh approach. Could guys please tell me where iam wrong because iam getting a very very low value of Cd,Cl and Cm(Close to zero).

I will tell you the list of options that i have chosen in the fluent.

Mesh Interface: It has found out the contact on its own and since it coincides there i have given a matching interface condition.

Cell zone conditions
Rotor- mesh motion with axis of rotation
Stator- default an axis of rotation will be coming i have set it to 0

Boundary Conditions:
Velocity inlet with 10m/s
Outlet as pressure boundary conditon(atmospheric pressure)
Top and side walls with zero shear stress boundary condition(unconfined flow)
Bottom wall with no slip boundary conditions
Interface surrounding the blades and blades as moving wall with desired rotational velocity.
Rest everything as wall with no slip conditions.

Reference values
I have set the reference value to be calculated from inlet wall with inlet area
Reference length which is thickness of the enclosure etc

Solution Methods:
SimpleC- is only working rest all are giving floating point exception as error after very few iterations itself.

Initialization: Hybrid Initialization

Tell me which part i'am wrongAttachment 76674

Attachment 76675

Attachment 76676?

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