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hoehnp October 14, 2021 15:26

sticky forum thread
Hello everyone,

as you may know I am organizing a monthly meet up for discussions about OpenFOAM since July 2020. I announce the timings for the meeting in the forum thread ( As the meeting is a monthly reoccuring, I think it is different compared to the other threads. Currently, my forum thread is pushed further down with time. To avoid this, I would like the thread to be made sticky to keep its visibility. From my understanding I cannot do this myself, but would need a super-moderator to do this for me.

Thank you and best regards,

jola October 14, 2021 15:41

The news and announcements forums have been set to by default be sorted based on the date of the first post. This is because the announcement is usually the first post and then any replies are just questions or comments related to the original announcement. If you want to use replies to announce new events we should instead have the default sort-order based on the date of the last reply, this is the default for all other forums. I have changed the sort-order for the forum you had problems with to instead be based on the time of the last post and now your thread ends up at the top although it was started some time ago. Does this solve you problem?

hoehnp October 14, 2021 16:07

Thank a lot Jola. That should absolutely sort my problem.

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