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Rui July 18, 2009 11:56

Deleting a Post
If I move the mouse to the Edit button, I see "Edit / Delete Message", but then there isn't (or I can't see :cool:) a way of deleting the message I have posted.
Is there any way of doing it?

I'm asking this because I answered a topic on the Main Forum thinking I was on the CFX Forum ... so my answer was off topic and I would like to delete it.
But I just managed to delete what was inside the message. And now it appears as a blank message. :(

pete July 18, 2009 18:47

The possibility to delete your own posts is an option in our forum software. We have disabled this. The reason is that it can really mess up the forum structure if people delete posts that other people have posted replies to.

Sometimes people who ask questions want to delete their own question once they have got an answer, and this is not good for a forum. For this reason we have disables this feature. The downside is what you are describing, that people who have posted their messages in the wrong forum can not re-post and delete the incorrectly placed message.

One feature we could enable is that people can move their own threads. Would you like this enabled? Before I enable this I have to surf around a bit to see if this is good practise and I should also discuss it with Jonas (the other admin) when he comes back from vacation.

Rui July 18, 2009 19:57

Pete, what you said makes sense.

But, despite not being possible to delete one's post, it's still possible to mess up the forum structure. By doing what I did: deleting the text of my post (the post is still there, but it's blank), or by changing the text.

If I ask how much 9^9 is, and after receiving a few answers I change the text to "how many dollars do you guys owe me?", I'm completely changing the sense of the thread.

I guess moving thread could be useful. I've seen a few in the wrong place, but honestly I don't know if by mistake or if by "ignorance" (has the poster ever realized it was in the wrong forum?).

pete July 19, 2009 05:02

True, to be 100% sure that this does not happen we should not allow editing of posts either. However, somewhere there I think the limit between user-friendliness and forum-structure lies and I have decided to allow editing but disallow deletions. If many users would like to change this we can do so. These setting are there just to make the forum as good as possible.

Rui July 19, 2009 05:23

Ok. I guess you're right about the balance between user-friendless and the forum structure. And perhaps it's ok as it is now.

I don't know if this is possible to implement in the software: But if one could delete one's post before there are any replies downstream, then the forum structure wouldn't be affected.

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