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pete December 26, 2012 08:37

New Mesh Generation and Pre-Processing Forums
CFD Online has opened a new forum section on mesh generators:In addition, a general forum on mesh generation and pre-processing has been opened:
This is a test to see how it works out to create smaller dedicated forums also in the field of mesh generation and pre-processing. We tried a similar strategy in visualization and post-processing earlier in 2012, and this worked out very well.

The sub-forum list above is not complete and we will add new mesh generator sub-forums as the need arises. Please note that some mesh related forums are available also in the forum on ANSYS Meshing & Geometry and in the OpenFOAM Meshing forums.

Which additional pre-processor forums would you like to see on CFD Online?

wyldckat December 26, 2012 18:45

Hi Peter,

Salome and Gmsh are another couple of meshers that could use a dedicated forum.

Even though Salome already has a forum here: - it's a bit confusing since it only has a "Use" thread where every aspect of Salome is asked in it.
And I'm not certain up to what extent Salome is used with other CFD applications, but a dedicated sub-forum for Salome+OpenFOAM would probably come in handy. At the very least, a sub-forum at OpenFOAM's that points to the main Salome forum section.

Same goes for Gmsh, although it already seems to have a very active mailing list:

Best regards,

pete December 26, 2012 18:56

I'm a bit hesitant to open forums for codes that already have an active forum or mailing-list elsewhere. We are here to serve the CFD community, not to compete with developers who prefer to run their own forums.

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