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pete November 18, 2013 17:21

Hotmail Email Problems
We have recently received several reports that Hotmail filters away some of our emails. Not all emails are affected, but for example the activation emails used to confirm your email address when registering on the forums are filtered away. The emails that have been filtered away can not be found in your spam folder either.

We are investigating what we can do to solve this problem. If you are having this problem please try to use a different email address or try to add as a safe sender domain in your Hotmail account. Hotmail also has some form of mailing-list filter that could involved. If you want our help to change your email address please send an email to You can request a new activation email to be sent to you by filling in your email address in this form:

If you succeed to get emails that were previously blocked by Hotmail please report back to us at what you did.

pete November 21, 2013 15:31

A possible solution has been found by a user, see here:

If anyone else tries this and gets emails to work please post here to let us know or email us on

pete January 17, 2014 07:47

Another user reported that the email problem was solved by just adding to the contact list.

gfoam February 17, 2014 20:32

Hi, I tried the soution of the post Email notification problem and it didn't work. My proble is that in the therad's list that I'm suscribed all the checkbox are unchecked and if I check it after reloading the page they are unchecked again, what could I do? Thanks in advance. Gonzalo

pete February 18, 2014 14:56

If you have a list of subscribed threads in your profile that is enough. The checkbox is just if you want to change the subscription (see the drop-down menu at the bottom).

We need support from other users who use hotmail. Are you getting automatic emails from the forums and what have you done to receive these emails? One user reported that just adding to the contact list solved the problem, but apparently that did not work for you.

gfoam February 20, 2014 11:03

Hi, the problem is solved, I think that the solution of this thread finally worked. Thank you so much. regards. Gonzalo

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