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pete February 18, 2014 17:41

Hotmail and Gmail Problems - Solutions Found
We have had big problems with hotmail/live/outlook emails from the forums not being received at all. Also gmail emails cause some problems. We have now tested this ourselves and have found solutions that work for us:

Hotmail/live/outlook and other Microsoft email: You must add CFD Online to your contact list to receive email from the forums. You do this by clicking on Outlook > People > New > New Contact. Then in the form add "First name: CFD" "Last name: Online" "Email:" and click on "Save" to save your new contact. Thereafter emails from the forums originating from should hopefully reach your inbox.

Gmail: Gmail has a tendency to filter away emails from into the junk folder. You need to find the email in your junk folder and mark it as 'not spam'. You must do this twice and thereafter emails from CFD Online/ should hopefully not be sorted away but arrive safely to your inbox.

If you try one of these solutions please reply here and tell us how it worked for you. If it did not work and you can't post a reply please instead email us directly on We need to know if this works for everyone or if people are still having problems.

Please also note that if you read this after having tried to register on the forums and you have not received the activation email to confirm your email address then you must after following the procedure above ask for a new activation email to be sent to you by filling in your email address in the following form:

Intrepid February 21, 2014 22:18

OK for Hotmail

I've just registered and tried your solution with Hotmail, it worked.

ngj February 23, 2014 03:52

Good morning,

I went through these steps for Gmail some time ago, when I suddenly found a lot of emails in the spam. I basically followed your steps, and since then I have not experienced problems.

Kind regards,


wyldckat November 8, 2014 05:40

I'm bumping this thread up because it seems that not all new forum members are picking up on these instructions.

Any chance neon lights can be turned on in this paragraph at the registration page? ;)

If you use Hotmail/outlook/live or gmail please read this before registering.
You must have a working email address to complete the registration!

pete November 8, 2014 13:06

I gave this text a read background to catch peoples eyes better. I help a couple of new users every day who have emailed us about this. They have not been able to activate their account since they never have received the activation email. Most of these people have hotmail/live addresses. I can't email them since they do not receive any emails from, so instead I activate their accounts and send them a private message on the forums.

wyldckat November 8, 2014 13:22

1 Attachment(s)
:eek: Ouch... the red background makes it a bit harder to read... more visible, but harder :(

How about this:
HTML Code:

<b><span style="color: #FF0000">Warning:</span> If you use </b>Hotmail/Outlook/Live<b> or </b>GMail<b> please read <u><a href="">this</a></u> before registering. <br>
You must have a working email address to complete the registration!</b>

Which results in this:

pete November 8, 2014 13:34

I changed it to just a warning text in red as you suggested. November 14, 2014 11:34

The procedure worked for me.
Thank you

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