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jola August 31, 2018 05:05

Spam protection problems
For some time we have been running a fairly aggressive and quite good spam filter from Atomicorp. This filter blocks a lot of unwanted traffic. It is based on an add-in called ModSecurity that inspects all communication with the web-server and drops traffic that the Atomicorp rules thinks is spam.

Sometimes this can cause unexpected problems. If you all of a sudden just aren't able to reach when trying to post a message or submit a CFD-wiki page it can be this filter that has found something it thinks is spam in your data. It then drops your data and blocks your IP number from our servers for a certain time.

If you have problems with this filter and are suddenly unable to reach please contact us on We can disable certain rules if they are too restrictive, but we need to know the problems to be able to fix them.

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