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pete March 15, 2009 14:55

New Discussion Forum Launched
CFD Online today launched a new discussion forum section. The new forum is based on a new and much more modern forum software with many state-of-the-art features like attachments, inlined images, equations using LaTeX, a reputation and grading system, search engine optimization, bloging possibilities, social groups, registered users with user profiles, personal albums and more. The forum front page can be reached here:
Guides and help to get started can be found here:
The discussion forums at CFD Online were launched back in 1998. A total of more than 200,000 messages have been posted in the forums over the past 10 years. The discussion forums at CFD Online continues to be the largest meeting place on the net for people interested in CFD. The migration to a new and modern forum software will hopefully ensure that the community continues to evolve and grow also in the future.

All old message from the old forum have been imported into the new forum software, where they can be browsed and searched. This archive of more than 200,000 messages is an important source of information for anyone working with CFD.

The forum structure has been modified slightly in the new forum and a special forum dedicated to the open-source CFD code OpenFOAM has been integrated with the other forums. For historical reasons the OpenFOAM forum was previously run in a separate forum using a different software.

Any questions or comments can be posted in the site help, feedback & discussions forum.

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