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pete June 29, 2009 05:56

Modified OpenFOAM Forum Structure and New Mailing-List
We have changed the forum structure in the OpenFOAM section a bit:
  1. A new OpenFOAM > OpenFOAM > Programming and Development forum for discussions between people who are doing development in OpenFOAM.
  2. Turned off the posibility to post messages in the OpenFOAM > OpenFOAM forum. Please use the sub-forums below this forum or the main OpenFOAM forum instead. Having postings also in the OpemFOAM > OpenFOAM forum just causes confusion. It was not open for postings originally either, but in order to get the email notifications to work properly for sub-forums we turned on postings for a period. Now we have a mailing-list that takes care of that functionality instead.
For people who want to receive email copies of all new messages that are posted to the OpenFOAM forums there is a new email functionaility that you can use. The following read-only mailing-lists are available:
  1. OpenFOAM - new posts in all OpenFOAM forums that are not about news - subscribe openfoam
  2. OpenFOAM News & Announcements - new threads in the news & annoucements forums - subscribe openfoam-news
  3. OpenFOAM Bugs - new posts in the bugs forum - subscribe openfoam-bugs
To subscribe to one of these mailing-lists send an email to <> with the line "subscribe openfoam", "subscribe openfoam-news" or "subscribe openfoam-bugs" in the body of the message.

Please note that the mailing-lists are new and we hope that they will work well. However, we might run into similar email performance problems as we had with the old DiscusWare based forum. If we get these problems we will disable the mailing-lists and let the forums run along without this email functionality.

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