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pete August 2, 2009 19:13

Help us find hidden spam and advertising in the forums
Now and then people register on the forums and post only irrelevant messages or messages without any real content and these nonsence posts often include links to external sites, either in the message or in the message footer. Sometimes the links are also hidden by being colored with the background color. This kind of hidden spam advertising is difficult for us to locate and very few people report these posts since it is difficult to know if these messages are spam or just nonsence messages from clueless users.

If you see this kind of nonsence messages please use the "report post" function to notify us moderators of these posts. We need your help to find these hidden spam messages in order to keep the forums clean and spam-free.

Please note that only moderators will see your reports and we will judge if these are real spam posts and if we should remove them and ban the offending user. To report a post as a suspicious post just click on the red warning triangle to the left in the author section of a post.

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