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pete February 6, 2012 08:51

Links Section - Major Update!
We have made a major update of CFD Online's Links section. Here follows a brief summary of the updates:
  1. All broken links have been fixed (finally!).

  2. Software and Hardware are the bread and butter of CFD. These sections have been updated and now include sub-chapters on, for example, Selected Free CFD Codes, Visualization, Benchmarks, Clusters and GPGPU's. There is also a dedicated section on Mesh Generation.

  3. If you are a developer you might be interested to also check out the updated sections on Programming and Modeling and Numerics. We have added many new links to, for example, Software Libraries, Numerical Softwares, Turbulence, Combustion and Numerical Analysis.

  4. We have added several new chapters in the Social Media & Online Communities section, including Blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. Check it out to see what we think is important to know about in the social media world when you are a CFD engineer.

  5. The sections on Eduction, Online Books & Guides and References contain many new links to CFD related documents. If you still can't find what you are looking for we have also updated all broken links in the Finding Documents section.

  6. Many new links in the Online Tools section. Bookmark this page to quickly find small tools to help you with things like unit conversion, calculators (RPN or normal), y+ estimation, ...

  7. The Jobs and Events sections have many new links to help you find other sources aside from CFD Online where you can find open positions or upcoming events.

  8. Bored? Then check out the updated links to fun things and pictures and movies in the Misc section.

  9. All interactive sections have been discontinued. Maintaining these large sections with links to all homepages and persons working with CFD had become impossible. Also, the explosive growth of spam had made it very time-consuming to find the few real user submissions among the 99.9% spam submissions. Besides, these days Google works better when you want to find a particular homepage or a person.
The links section, originally called CFD Resources Online, was the start of CFD Online. Back in 1994, when CFD Resources Online was launched, the coolest thing you could have on the net was an extensive link collection. This was four years before Google existed! Since then the Links section at CFD Online has been the largest collection of CFD links available on the net. Originally the goal was to include links to everything about CFD on the net. However, this has become an impossible task. Instead the goal now is to be an annotated collection of the best and most interesting CFD links on the net, and thereby serve as a good starting point for people who want to get an overview over what CFD related information is available out there. We hope that you still find the Links section useful.

Over the last few years we have not updated the Links section enough and it has slowly become filled with dead links. We apologize about this. From now on we will try to maintain the Links section more regularly. You can see all of our recent updates on the What's New page. If you have any suggestions on links to include please do not hesitate to fill in the link-suggestion form, email us or post a reply to this message.

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