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Breivik May 2, 2012 18:14

Floating point exception
I'm currently doing a simulation of a full skale ship following the instructions from the KRISO case giving some tweak on the mesh settings.
When I've run som iterations I get the following message: Floating point exception, and i see that the residuals are sky high. I've encountered this problem before once when I reduced the prism layer thickness down to 1.5%, so I just adjusted it to 2% and it worked (Why?), but this does not help now. The residuals are sky hight alredy at 17 iterations.

If anyone could help me with this I would be much obliged.

Best regards

ryancoe May 3, 2012 09:47

Sounds like your mesh may be the issue. In your example with the prism layer, you may have created very low aspect ratio cells (which are not desirable) with the overall thickness set at 1.5%. This may have been corrected by increasing the thickness.

Try using some of the mesh diagnostic tools, as well as looking at your volume mesh with some of the cell quality scalars.

Since this is an unsteady simulation, you may also need to check you time-step size.

Breivik May 3, 2012 10:00

Thank you for the answer. It helped when I increased my tim-step :D

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