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Praveen_371 May 4, 2012 05:27

SIGSEGV: memory access exception
Hello guys, I am working on CCM+ 6.04 version. While performing post processing I am finding the memory exception error :confused:. I am trying to create a constrained streamline on existing velocity contour scene for my underhood model of 45 million cells using 64bit 48 GM RAM workstation. I don't think about the inability of machine. What might be the primary cause for this error. Apperciate your help aprior.:)

abdul099 May 6, 2012 09:37

Usually a memory access exception occurs, when the program tries to get a value from a memory address which doesn't belong to the specified variable.
E.g. when it tries to get the 101st cell of an array with 100 cells.

That might be related to programming issues, but also to runtime issues. It might happen that your machine can't provide a value fast enough. Maybe it's already swapping and one method asks for more memory and another one tries to write to that memory block although it is not yet allocated.

I would check if your system already needs to swap. If so, try it on a bigger machine or with a smaller model. Try it with a newer version (if possible).

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