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fisicas1 May 22, 2012 18:56

Solar Flux field function
Solar Flux Star CCM+

Hi guys, I have data for direct Solar Flux for a cylinder from with insolation, and im trying to simulate the "changing of solar flux as a function of position" Instead of constant solar flux of 1000w/m2... Hope you can help me our?

an example of a function could be:
Solar= cos(teta) 1000 * C * Z

Where C and a are constant, Z and teta position in the cylinder.

Or maybe sett up a table?

Many thanks

ping May 23, 2012 10:27

from memory solar flux is one of the inputs which does not have a drop down to allow field functions or tables as inputs and only allows constants. you can get around this by simply typing in a formula in place of the constant, and include field functions in that formula if required - eg do it all in a field function first then simply type the field function in the solar flux.

fisicas1 May 23, 2012 10:46

field function
I want to explain better, I have a cylinder I know my field function, I have my Referencing Local Coordinate in the cylinder. my function in the superficial cylinder, is

flux(z,theta,R)= C(theta)

where C is a table (star ccm+)
where R=cte.
where Z has the limit of the cylinder.

I meant my flow is dependent only the theta and same in z.

I want to do my first field function with star ccm+ and I need something that the star ccm+ help

### Referencing Local Coordinate Systems

$$Centroid(@CoordinateSystem("Laboratory.Local Coordenate System.cylinder"))[0]

#### Interpolating Scalar or Vector Data as a Function of Another Table Column

interpolateTable(@Table("data"), "funtion", LINEAR, "thete", LINEAR)

### function

could you help me?

Many thanks

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