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fisicas1 May 24, 2012 10:13

Field function
I want to create a field function that it gets a value (boundary condition) a one superficie with (0,0,0) of my new coordinate in the Coordinate System--> Laboratory.

I believe that my function will be

newfuntion(3,@CoordinateSystem("Laboratory.Local Coordinate Systems.superficie"))

but I have some systax error.

I mean I have asuperfie with in one new coordenate system, I want that this superfice has the value 3 kw for all area, somebody know the error of my field funtion.

abdul099 May 26, 2012 05:27

I'm sorry, but I've got absolutely no clue what you try to achieve. Could you describe your issue a little closer?
For me it looks like you try to set a boundary condition to a constant value, so why do you need a field function?

fisicas1 May 28, 2012 19:25

2 Attachment(s)
Sorry I am beginner in this area!!

my problem, I have only a region(fluid), in this area I have a mesh "generalized cylinde"r and only in specific area of this fluid i used outward extruder (tube), you can see in the picture 1.

for the region fluid I used the model.

"constant Density, gradients, Linear pressure strain two-layer, liquid, reynols stress turbulence, reynolds-averaged navier-stokes, segregaded navier- stokes"

for the region outward extruder (pipe) use the model.

" constant density, Gradients, Segregated solid energy, solid, steady and three dimension"
you can see in the picture 2.

the outward extruder has a heat flux which is programed by field function which depend of the position in the pipe. I know the inlet temperature, inlet pressure and inlet mass fluid. I want to know the distribution the temperaute arround of the pipe.

frist problem. I need the solver of my inlet. exactlyI do not know to obtend this inicial condition.

Second problem. Warning: "7" interface type star.common.ContactInterface is incompatible with selected models. Reason: Model SegregatedSolidEnergyModel is incompatible with model(s) on the other side.

now I do not have problem with the field function I get this field fuction.

could you help me better?

fisicas1 May 29, 2012 18:56

I want to interpolate, I want that when the value is interpolated in my table the 2th column used theta of my coordinate cylinder, and I will have values diferent for a superficie, but I do not know that theta will be the coordenate in my superficie

interpolateTable(@Table("distribution"),"function" , LINEAR,"theta", $theta)


distribution theta
2111 1
2122 2

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