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Moti May 24, 2012 17:22

Adjoint Solver in StarCCM+
Hi Everyone;

Does Star-CCM+ have something similar to adjoint solver in order to postprocessing of external flow anlysis of a car and grab the problematic area of the model? If not, what do you suggest as the best way to detect the aerodynamics problematic areas of a vehcile after an analysis?

Your feedbacks are greatly appreciated.

eRzBeNgEl June 10, 2012 14:10

I know that cd-adapco is thinking about this, but not really working on it at the moment. hope this helps u. Their is an alternative if u want to use open foam with an open source adjoint solver, also in ansys fluent is a adjoint solver included.....

Moti June 10, 2012 17:27

Thanks, but can open foam read the simulation file of star-ccm+?

eRzBeNgEl June 11, 2012 16:57

No, open foam cannot read star-ccm+ files.I do not know a library which supports this, but maybe I am wrong and someone here knows this better. I am also interested in this question :-)

There are several parameters like Turbulent Kinetic Energy or Dissipation rate where you can locate the important areas or areas u could work on. Also the Entropy in energy equation produced by dissipation term is very intersting. (the fomurla depends if you are using ideal gas or constant density). For Aeroacoustics the Diploles on surfaces and the Vortictiy can give you good hints...

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